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Building the Future: Architecture Education and the Revitalization of Aging Infrastructure


Someday, Toremember 31, 2023

12:00PM – 12:00AM


2 LU|HSW Credit // Pending Review


About this Course

This course explores the critical role of architecture education in addressing the challenges of aging infrastructure and revitalizing our built environment. Participants will examine the intersection of architecture, engineering, and sustainable design principles to develop innovative solutions for infrastructure renewal. Through case studies and interactive discussions, participants will gain insights into the importance of architectural education in creating resilient and sustainable communities.

Learning Objective 1: Understand the impact of aging infrastructure on communities and the need for revitalization efforts.

Learning Objective 2: Explore the role of architectural education in preparing future professionals to address infrastructure challenges.

Learning Objective 3: Analyze successful case studies of infrastructure revitalization and learn from best practices.

Learning Objective 4: Develop an understanding of community engagement and stakeholder collaboration in the revitalization process.

Learning Objective 5: Reflect on the ethical considerations and social responsibility of architects in revitalizing aging infrastructure.


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