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American Math: Intro to ACE Math

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About this Course

Are you searching for a game-changing solution to enhance the math education of your ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) pathway students and empower them to excel in their NCCER certifications? Look no further – we’re excited to introduce you to “American Math®: Introduction to ACE Math,” a revolutionary program designed to transform the way you teach math and prepare your learners for the workforce.

Unlock the Potential of Your ACE Students:

We understand the unique challenges faced by CTE educators as you prepare your students for NCCER certifications. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized program that equips educators like you with the tools and techniques to elevate your teaching and guide your students to success.

Program Benefits:

Quantifiable End Goal: Our promise to you is simple yet powerful – we’ll help you achieve higher first-time pass rates for your students’ NCCER certifications. We’re confident that our proven methods will lead to students who are more confident in their understanding of ACE math concepts, reducing confusion and anxiety and ensuring a smoother transition to the workforce.

Real-World Application: With “American Math®: Introduction to ACE Math,” your students will develop math skills that directly align with the demands of their future careers. They’ll be better prepared to handle real-world math challenges, making them valuable assets to prospective employers.

Increased Student Engagement: Our engaging math games and innovative pedagogical approach will captivate your students’ interest and passion for learning. Watch as math becomes enjoyable and accessible, fostering a love for the subject that lasts beyond the classroom.

Less Reteaching, More Progress: As educators ourselves, we understand the time constraints you face. Our program’s efficiency will enable you to spend less time reteaching concepts, freeing up valuable time for other crucial teaching tasks.

By Taking This Course, You’ll Gain:

  • Access to our proven methods that have successfully trained highly qualified, career-ready students.
  • Ready-to-use instructional materials that align with NCCER certification requirements.
  • Engaging math games and activities that make learning enjoyable and effective.
  • Innovative pedagogical techniques that cater specifically to ACE math concepts.
  • Supportive community of like-minded educators for collaboration and idea-sharing.
  • Direct 24/7 access to our team of dedicated educators, who are eager to provide support.

Discover the Future of ACE Math Education:

Ready to revolutionize your ACE math education and lead your students to success? Let “American Math®: Introduction to ACE Math” be your partner in achieving higher certification rates, greater student confidence, and a more enjoyable learning experience.

Take the first step by sending a professional development request using the calendar below and select a convenient date for a personalized needs assessment. Once received, we’ll forward the request to your dedicated Professional Development Coordinator or CTE Director, who will engage with us to discuss payment options and schedule alignment. Following agreement, we’ll proceed with the scheduled needs assessment, tailored to your unique requirements. We are thrilled to discuss how our program can align with your goals and help you create a new standard of excellence in ACE math education.

Elevate your students, transform your teaching, and shape the workforce of tomorrow with “American Math®: Introduction to ACE Math.”