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American Math: EMS

 To make our program more accessible, coaching Sessions are scheduled in accordance to your staff’s and our coaches availability.

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About this Course

Are you on the lookout for a transformative solution to elevate the math education of your EMS (Emergency Medical Services) pathway students and propel them toward certification success? Your search ends here – allow us to introduce you to “American Math®: EMS Edition,” a groundbreaking program meticulously tailored to reshape math education and bolster student achievement in the EMS realm.

Unleash EMS Potential:

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by EMS CTE instructors in preparing students for certification, we’ve curated a specialized program armed with the tools and techniques essential for your teaching excellence.

Program Advantages:

Quantifiable Triumph: Together, we will elevate first-time pass rates for your students’ EMS certifications. With proven methodologies, we’ll empower students with confidence in EMS math concepts, enhancing comprehension and facilitating a seamless transition to their careers.

Real-World Relevance: “American Math®: EMS Edition” empowers students with math proficiency directly aligned with the demands of their future EMS careers. Equipped to tackle real-world math scenarios, they become assets to prospective employers.

Engagement Amplified: Immerse your students in an engaging realm of math education through our captivating math games and innovative teaching methods. Witness a transformation where math transforms into a subject of fascination and accessibility, fostering a lasting passion beyond the classroom.

Time Optimized: Valuing educators’ time constraints, our program ensures efficiency, minimizing reteaching efforts and granting you more invaluable moments for other essential teaching duties.

Unveiling the Benefits:

  • Access our battle-tested methods, successfully shaping highly skilled, career-ready individuals.
  • We create and seamlessly integrate customized, certification-aligned instructional materials, according to your needs.
  • Infuse your classroom with engaging math games and activities, making learning enjoyable and impactful.
  • Embrace innovative pedagogical techniques precisely tailored for EMS math concepts.
  • Forge connections within a supportive community of educators for collaboration and idea-sharing.
  • Enjoy round-the-clock access to our dedicated educator team, eager to offer unwavering support.

Discover the Future of EMS Math Education:

Ready to revolutionize your EMS math instruction, guiding students toward triumph? Allow “American Math®: EMS Edition” to be your ally, elevating certification rates, bolstering student confidence, and imbuing learning with delight.

Commence this transformative journey by selecting a date for a personalized needs assessment using the provided calendar. Upon request, we’ll liaise with your Professional Development Coordinator or CTE Director to discuss payment and scheduling alignment. From there, a customized needs assessment tailored to your EMS pathway awaits. Let us chart a new standard of EMS math excellence, uniting to mold the EMS workforce of tomorrow.

Elevate your classroom, redefine teaching, and contribute to a more empowered EMS landscape with “American Math®: EMS Edition.”